About Us


Nirmala Hospitals is gaining a reputation of being one of the best and most sophisticated hospitals around Mysore.


We have all the latest equipment and technology to save lives. Our Doctors are all highly qualified and have international degrees.

The support staff is also well trained to handle any kind of emergency situation.

Our objective

  • Our objective is to save and cure as many lives as possible.

  • We are a fully functional hospital wants to help all those who reach out to us.

  • All our facilities are extra-ordinary. Our charges are very nominal when compared to other huge city hospitals. But our service is at par with them.

  • Please have a look at our facilities and remember that we are there for you in any medical emergency.


"we strive for providing you with the best and excellent health care service"

Nirmala Hospital is a new and an upcoming hospital in Mysore.

We have all ultra-modern facilities that are at par with any big city hospitals.

We have all the major and minor departments in our hospital and our charges are very reasonable compared to the services and the facilities offered.

Our Team

Dr.Nirmala A.P

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Dr. Ashok.P

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